Ostaria Dai Kankari

Lun 04/12/17 – THE FEW (Chicago) in concerto


“THE FEW”, ovverosia tre dei più dinamici e acclamati archi della scena d’avanguardia di Chicago: Macie Stewart al violino e alla voce, Charlie Kirchen al contrabbasso e Steve Marquette alla chitarra. In Italia per una manciata di date per poi proseguire con il tour europeo.

Dicono di loro:
“Each performance wends through passages as spiky and splintery as they are tender and lyric, and for such a young group of players the interplay is impressive.”Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

“Some music falls into the cracks, but that’s where The Few finds space to navigate.” – Bill Meyer, Dusted

“I hear The Few not as working dialectically to the previous improvised music in Chicago (or elsewhere), but as creating a different aesthetic hybrid, one which deals with stylistic concerns that come out of regional Americana, some jazz, some new music components, aspects of the English school, and other factors, like the individual creative character of Steve, Macie, and Charlie, put into a true group context.” – Ken Vandermark, liner notes from “Fragments of a Luxuery Vessel”