Marcello Benetti & Papa Mali in concerto – Lun 14/07/14

Lunedì 14 Luglio sale sul nostro palco il batterista Marcello Benetti, musicista nostrano da anni stabilitosi nella realtà musicale di New Orleans, accompagnato dal celebre chitarrista americano Papa Mali.



Marcello was born near Venice in 1972. He started playing guitar when he was 9 years old and drums when he was 14. After graduating as an engineer in 1997, he continued his studies in music, at Music Academy of Bologna, and later in Siena with Massimo Manzi and Ettore Fioravanti, than with Han Bennink and in Cuba with percussionist Eric Bonne.

He plays mainly Jazz and Improvised Music, Blues, Funk and Klezmer music.

He played music in Italy living between Bologna and Venice for 7 years, performing with Pasquale Mirra, Silvia Bolognesi, Enrico Sartori, Domenico Caliri, Fabrizio Puglisi, Danilo Gallo, Tristan Honsinger, Giovanni Mayer and many more…

Since 2008 he’s been travelling between Venice (Italy) and New Orleans (Louisiana). Since July 2011 he’s a permanent resident in New Orleans!

He has been playing with Jonathan Freilich, Neslort, Dave Rempis, Jeb Bishop, Rob Wagner, Dan Oestreicher, James Singleton, Matt Perrine, Helen Gillet, Rex Gregory, Jeff Albert, Andy J. Forrest, Rick Trolsen, Martin Krusche, Panorama Jazz Band.

As a side musician he’s part of NESLORT, leaded by trombonist Rick Trolsen; STEVE MARQUETTE 5et, leaded by Chicago guitarist Steve Marquette; JOHN MADERE 5et, leaded by Baton Rouge based bassist John Madere; Italian klezmer band RUMMELLAI.

Marcello co-leads the free-funk project “TRAPPER KEEPER” along with pianist Will Thompson.
Also co-leads the project “FIRE FACE” along with bass saxophonist Dan Oestreicher.

Marcello Benetti “Shuffled”
–       Marcello Benetti – drums/ compositions
–       Helen Gillet – cello
–       Jeff Albert – trombone
–       Rex Gregory – clarinet/flute/compositions
“From East to West” is the second album for the “Shuffled” 4et. The first one was released in 2012. (See page).
Before that, his first experience as band leader was with an Italian project named “Supuesto Blue” released in 2009 in Italy featuring Pasquale Mirra (vibe), Silvia Bolognesi (double bass), Enrico Sartori (reeds) and Simone Padovani (percussions). (See page).

Since 2008 Marcello contributes to run the festival “MIRANO OLTRE”, under the artistic direction of Caligola Association. The festival takes place in Marcello’s hometown Mirano (Venice – Italy).

Since 2013 Marcello, along with friend and trombonist Jeff Albert, runs the first improvised music fest in New Orleans: HIP Fest (Hosting Improviser Performers), an annual meeting of prominent national and international musical improvisers and the New Orleans improvised music community. (

.:: PAPA MALI – Bio pics

Papa Mali (born Malcolm Helm Welbourne in Vicksburg, Mississippi, May 6,1957) is a New Orleans based, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer.

Currently, Papa Mali is collaborating with the New Orleans supergroup The M&M’s made up of Robert Mercurio & Stanton Moore of Galactic, and John Medeski of Medeski Martin and Wood.

He has been a touring musician and recording artist for decades. Yet, he is probably best known as the front man for 7 Walkers, a band formed in 2009 that includes three musical icons: Grateful Dead founding member and drummer Bill Kreutzmann, The Meters’ founding bassist, George Porter Jr. and lyricist Robert Hunter,  co-writes much of 7 Walkers material with Welbourne. Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist , Matt Hubbard completes the line up. Their self-titled debut was released to critical acclaim in November of 2010.

photo12Papa Mali is also known for his own live performances and recorded output, most notably his two albums for Fog City Records (2000′s Thunder Chicken and 2007′s Do Your Thing) produced by Dan Prothero and featuring some of New Orleans’ most legendary musicians.

His work as a producer includes 7 Walkers (Response, 2010), The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (Blue Corn, 2007) and records by Lavelle White, Omar and the Howlers, Wendy Colonna, The Greyhounds and others.


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