Duo Malvasia @ Kankari
Lunedì 16 Giugno – ore 22:00 circa


Veronica Canale: fisarmonica, voce

Valeria Clarinetta Conte: clarinetto, voce



duo malvasia




Valeria and Veronica met in Venice in 2006. Since the very beginning they have been sharing music and friendship as well as working and creating artistic projects together. For three intense years they have been performing in several constellations, especially with “NoSse BaLenGhe” http://www.myspace.com/nossebalenghe and “Kumish!” http://www.myspace.com/kumishensemble in diverse venues in North and Central Italy as, among others, at the Adriatico-Mediterraneo 2008. After a three years silent break their paths crossed again and they decided to keep on going their duo project.

The repertoire is mostly made up by Klezmer melodies and Yiddish songs. As you could expect from a delicate female duo the atmosphere they create is sweet and cozy, and sometimes also hilarious with a glimpse of cabaret: interpreting the music not only with their instruments and voices but with mimic and body expression, as it has been common on last ten years in the Venetian Klezmer scene.


Valeria is attending the last year of the GLOMAS master’s program in Global music: http://www.glomas.net Graduated with a bachelor in classical clarinet in 2010 from the Music Conservatory of Adria she has been playing Klezmer music since 2006 attending several seminars, workshops, and individual classes all around the World. She’s currently living in Israel where she’s studying Turkish, Klezmer music and Jewish culture.


Veronica has studied classical piano at the Music Conservatory of Padova until 1999. She began then to play accordion focusing on World music, in particular Klezmer, Tango and French traditional music. Since 2006 she has attended several workshops of traditional and contemporary music and in 2008 she attended the “National Course of Music Learning Theory” of E.E. Gordon. At the moment she is teaching music to kids according to the Gordon’s approach in different locations. http://www.audiationinstitute.org

She performs as musician collaborating with diverse artists in theaters and puppet shows.




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