David Boato + Eclectic Band meets Micheal Barbaud 14/04/14

Lunedì 14 Aprile – Ore 22:00 circa – UNICA DATA IN VENETO


David Boato, Michele Polga, Luca Colussi e Lello Gnesutta, ovverosia l’Eclectic Band, incontrano il compositore e pianista francese Michel Barbaud. Unica data in Veneto!

A proposito di Michel Barbaud…

I was born in Marseille. Born from Marseille, its colors and smells, its sea and hills, its creeks and wind « mistral »
In Marseille there, you are Arab or Black, Jewish or Armenian, Italian or from Paris.

At the conservatory I have done my classes. Classical and Jazz. With Guy Longnon.

Mutiple rehearsals and concerts with Noël Ekwabi, Gérard Murphy, Michèle Fernandez, Maria Marolany, Hakim Hamadouche, Sergio Otanazetra, Rachel Tchoungui, Bernard Camoin, Antoine Lisolo.
My ears, my eyes remember all of this Mediterranean city’s sounds and lights. My music too I think !
A few years later I leave Marseille for another port, Boston.
Boston boosted me! Herb Pomeroy gave to my music the thickness who was missing. He gave me his orchestral vision : where you can hear light and human being whisper. Feel like so much to write music for those talented musicians: Christian Fabian, Sten Höstfalt,Seamus Blake, Dave Barraza, Marc Miralta, David Boato, Keichi Hashimoto,Guillermo Klein, Pete Rende, Richard Nant, Bill Wint, Kazumi Ikenaga…

Since 2011 I am working on the project Liebeslied # combining piano and electronics withYann Joussein and Pierre Boscheron, Album in preparation for 2014.

I teach Piano Jazz, and I am the coordinator of jazz departments in conservatories near Paris (92).
In 2008/09 I am the pianist of The New Sisters.

In 2007, I create the music for the Koffi Kwahulé ‘s play, “Cette vieille Magie Noire” stagingClaude Bokhobza (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmxQa63m2_I).

I am the artistic director and arranger for two albums Pierre Gueyrard.

2004-05 I write arrangements for French TV dramas.

In October 2002 I am pleased to play with Marianne James to open the Rhino Jazz Festival.

Early 2000s I’m Karwan’s musical director in which I associate Olivier Ker Ourio, harmonica, Gilles Andrieux Saz and Tambur and Jean-Yves Roucan drums, we give concerts throughout France.

In the 90s I have the chance to support talented musicians such as Jerome Goldet,George Makinto and Hakim Amadouche.

I leave France in 1991 with a gold medal in jazz at Marseille’s conservatory to study in Boston where I get a degree in composition and arrangement of Berklee College of Music.
I create the Big Band Blue Planet (Quincy Jones Award, MIT orders, orders Herb Pomeroy). The band plays for two years on the East Coast (CD produced by Garry Burton).


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